Rank Faster Than Ever Before!

Every SEO knows for a new site, SEO is at least a 6 month game! To tackle this, I got an idea; if we purchase a domain now and start publishing content after 3 months, can we just cut 3 months? To test this, I have purchased around 5 domains …

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Getting A Perfect PGI Score For Mobiles

Site speed always attracts me a lot. Since I started my SEO journey, I have tried many things to get an ideal website speed. For this, I have tried: CloudFlare Other CDN Premium DNS Many Plugins Coding! And a few more things. But getting a perfect Page Speed Insight score …

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I Tested Different Plagiarism Tools

It always bothers me which plagiarism tool we can rely on. So, Today, I was discussing same with my team and decided to test it out. I picked a 600+ words new article and tested plagiarism from four plagiarism tools for testing purposes. Here are the results I found. Grammarly …

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