I Tested Different Plagiarism Tools

It always bothers me which plagiarism tool we can rely on. So, Today, I was discussing same with my team and decided to test it out.

I picked a 600+ words new article and tested plagiarism from four plagiarism tools for testing purposes. Here are the results I found.

  • Grammarly Pro: 1%
  • Plagiarism Checker X: 8%
  • CopyScape: 0%
  • 1Text: 0% (It surprised me :D)
  • Turnitin: 1% (Added Later)

1Text is a highly sensitive tool. It shows a lot of plagiarism in almost every content. This time, it shows 0%; it really amazed me.

I shared this on Facebook and people recommended to try Turnitin’s tool. I haven’t access to this tool, but I will try that content over Turnitin soon.

So, which one are you using? I use Plagiarism Checker X.

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