Usman Hussain is an emerging name in the blogging industry worldwide.

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Who is Usman Hussain?

Usman is passionate about SEO; he officially joined this industry two years back. Prior, he used to share his thoughts and views, but it was not quite often. By then, he had been running four blogs, a reputed and well-monitored training institution, and a software house.

Usman’s psychology is simple; do whatever you love but never waste your time. He inspires, guides, and then determines the ways for youth to learn and practice and help them in their initiatives towards their own startups. In a single year, Usman trained 25 students.

Usman, the adventurer, possesses a craze to welcome the challenges. Those are bid farewell by far by the others. Challenging tasks make him smile, so is he.

What Pro Usman Hussain love to do


I have been blogging for the preceding four years, directly or indirectly. Being an INFJ introvert, SEO/blogging is something that defines me in the real sense of the word.

Empowering Youth

Everyone deserves financial freedom. I determine the digital dimensions to the youth and empower them by assisting them towards their learnings. The sky is empty for you, dear.


I love challenges. Adventures challenge my skills, aptitude, exposure, and even mental capabilities. I find myself in the arena where I never said, “Why me?” instead, “Come on, try me.”


How it feels, you intend to appeal to an individual and get inspired by that particular fellow on your way home! So is the case with my time with you, my respected Signor Usman Hussain. First, you stood my ideal, then l got blessed with your politeness of nature and feed of up-to-date knowledge. You, the towering personality, teach to stand towered. I bid big thanks for your kind teaching.

– Kaleem @Colleague


I just want to say thank you for teaching and supporting me! In every class we had, you were so persistent in taking me beyond satisfactory and striving for excellence in a short time. That’s something I love most. I wish you all the best, and if I need any help or advice, you’ll be the first I contact you! Thank you, Sir USMAN. You are simply great at what you do.

– Muzamal @Fellow

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